Thursday, December 1, 2011

Woodstock Properties: Endless Potential for Clever Investors

ByGroshan Fabiola

Woodstock is one of the oldest and full of history suburbs of Cape Town situated within the City Bowl and within a close distance to the city centre. It lies between the docks of Table Bay and the lower slopes of Devil's Peak providing wonderful views towards the hectic harbor and it can rightfully be stated that the are is a kaleidoscope of natural beauty, history and culture. Buying a Woodstock property definitely represents a smart investment because the real estate agencies welcome their clients with an impressive portfolio of affordable choices. In fact, the area has become a landmark on the real estate market taking into consideration that more and more young and trendy people, as well as investors with a keen eye for good businesses choose to purchase properties here.

The flexibility of the real estate market, the favorable exchange rate and the central location within the city represent just a few reasons underlying the success and the popularity of Woodstock properties. In addition to this, the wide selection of Woodstock properties provides to each buyer the opportunity of choosing town house developments, secure apartment blocks and lifestyle centers as well as free standing homes. The Woodstock is considered one of the modern suburbs of Cape Town and one of the most appreciated tourists destinations of the world, yet the affordability of real estate market exceeds by far those from other countries. Therefore, a Woodstock property is an appealing investment even for people with an average budget who want to indulge themselves in stylish, upmarket dwellings.

Nestled on the slopes of Devil's Peak, the suburb enjoys awe-inspiring views over the harbor and the City Bowl and, as it happens with many Cape Town's suburbs, it is divided into two sections by the Main Road. The "upper" sector boasts luxury Woodstock properties which are refurbished in the elegant Victorian style. It is a residential area which enjoys a positive image and a good reputation due to the order and safety that surround it. On the other hand, the "lower" sector is formerly associated with gangsterism, drugs and crime, yet a Woodstock property in this area remains a sought-after real estate. Nevertheless, the entire district has gone through major changes, the old buildings were refurbished amazingly and now the entire area looks magnificent. Actually, this is the main element which drew the attention of commercial and residential property investors which are willing to take advantage of all the development opportunities provided. Purchasing commercial or residential Woodstock properties is on an upward trend because they offer investors real value for their money. As the popularity of the district continues to rise, it is increasingly difficult to cover the demand and thus the prices are also growing.

In addition to this, it worth being mentioned that a Woodstock property represents an appealing option for families with children because the district boasts many reputable educational facilities and all the amenities which are needed for a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, in spite of the fact that it is a relatively small district, it hosts the most famous hospital in the country, as well as many commercial and entertainment ventures. Woodstock has emerged has a beautiful and vibrant suburb with a huge potential and it is not surprisingly that investors are eagerly awaiting to capitalize on each opportunity.

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