Thursday, December 1, 2011

Residual Income - Read More About It

There are two types of income to fully understand if you want to start your way to becoming financially healthy. No matter what your job is, whether you are a bookkeeper or a company director, everybody gets at least one of the two types of income so it is equally important to understand them.

Active Income

Active income is the reward from participating in an endeavor that used your time, skills and effort. Usually seen in a form of paychecks, incentives, and commissions, it means actively involving oneself to be able to earn money. An example is a person selling pancakes. If he sells today, he gets paid. If he doesn't, it means there would be no income for him.

Residual Income

Residual Income is the reward one gets from passively participating in an endeavor. It is the income from capitals and assets or money-generating activities. It is also called passive income. A person with this type of income still receives money even while he is asleep. A good example is an online marketer that has a 24/7 website where he gets clients from all over the world to sign up for his services. He gets paid for being passively involved in the process of earning money.

Why do we need to have residual income?

If you will ask people if they want more money, most of the time the answer is a big "Yes". One of the motivations nowadays is wealth. We want more cash. To be wealthy, we have to know what the word means. Is being wealthy having a million-dollar bank account, owning the hottest cars and travelling around the globe? In fact, wealth is simpler that what we think: Wealth is simply being able to pay for your chosen lifestyle without the need to ever earn an active income again.

Wealth is absolutely not about the dollars in the bank. If a person has a million dollars, travels the world endlessly, buys expensive cars without enough residual income to sustain his lifestyle, his millionaire life can be gone too soon.

So why do we need to focus on our a passive income source instead of just having more cash? It's because passive income can take care of our needs and wants for a long period of time under our chosen lifestyle. If you want to live a life like the filthy rich, then you have to find residual income streams that will give you dividends and cash rewards which are enough for your new-found luxuries. Keeping a good cash flow of passive income is the key to wealth.

In short, the first thing to do is to be clear in what kind of lifestyle you would like to achieve. This is actually what most financial advisors would ask a client during the first sessions of working with them. What kind of lifestyle would suit you? What exactly are you aiming for?

Once that question is clearly answered, the next step it to search for opportunities to be able to get that lifestyle and sustain it. Look for information around you about tried-and-tested residual income sources that you can use to get you where you want to go, which is true wealth.

With the proper marketing system in place you can create Residual Income.

As a full time internet marketer, Eric Land enjoys coaching and mentoring others. Creating full-time income online is very possible with the correct coaching, systems and tools. For more information and free training please visit Eric Land's Blog today!

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