Friday, December 2, 2011

Passive Income: Work Less, Earn More

According to a recent study, the human life span is currently at 65 years on average. This means that by the age 60, death is nearly saying hello to you. If we will really think about it, our stay on earth is too short. Now the question is, how would you like to spend your life? Wouldn't it be a miserable situation to be working still on your last days? Or, until your hair is already gray and while everyone else is enjoying a holiday in some tropical island?

Certainly, you want the best for yourself and for your family. But the problem is you don't know how you are going to save for your future with all the expenses and the current economic crisis. Another thing is you're not sure if you can still handle another part-time job because you're already way too busy with your full-time job plus you also need to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Here is the good news. You can work less and earn more cash. Yes, it's possible and it's called passive income. If other people are able to do it then how hard can it be? First off, passive income means earning from an investment that does not require you to be involved directly with the process. How do you that?

Here is a quick list of online activities that online marketers use to earn passive income from the web:

Affiliate programs. Choose a product that sells like hot pan cakes in the internet marketplaces. Set up a website and use SEO techniques to drive highly targeted traffic. Make sure to install a shopping cart and a payment method to encourage buyers to shop through your affiliate links.
Create your own digital products. You can write an eBook, you can make an informational video or audio, you can invent a special plugin or software, you may develop a mobile app, etc. The best thing about doing these things is that you will only have to spend a few hours or days to accomplish the task but the license and distribution fees that you are going to receive will be lifetime.
Referrals. Make-money sites like Hits4pay and Odesk pay users for referring new advertisers to the system. In Odesk, for example, once your referred contractor has reached an income of $1000, you will receive a commission of $50.

These three methods are just a few examples on how you can earn passive earnings from the internet. There are other ways to make a living without doing much and without spending lots of time. Be a multi-tasker and explore the different techniques to earn online. Most importantly, enjoy your youth and plan for an early retirement.

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