Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is Google Finance??? -Google Finances India

Google Finance is a site launched March 21, 2006 by Google. The service provides securities firms and enterprise for many companies, including their financial decisions and major news events. Market data is available, and Adobe Flash-based charts of stock prices.

There are also aggregates Google News and Google Blog Search articles about each company, but the links are not controlled and are often considered unreliable. Google added to its advertising page of Finance, 18 November 2008 and continues to be displayed. Google has launched a revamped version of its Web site funding 12 December 2006, offers a new website design that allows users to see information exchange, the sector's performance for the U.S. market and a list of movers with leading market relevant and important news of the day. Moving an upper section was also added on the basis determined by the popularity of Google Trends. Evolution has also presented maps containing up to 40 years of data on U.S. stocks, and options portfolio richest. Another update introduces updates stock inventory in real time on the site, which both the NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange partnered with Google in June 2008.

Google Finance offers an easy way to search for stocks, mutual funds and public and private companies. By combining content is licensed under the financial data providers with content from the Web Google Finance you can easily find and manage financial information online.Posted bySEO Linksat6:24 AM

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