Thursday, December 1, 2011

CFO: The Tasks Related to Quantity and Quality

ByEla Melich

Some people think that CFO consulting is just an additional company expense. This service is needed by every company, regardless of its size, since it secures business growth and survival. Do not think that Chief Financing Officers (CFO) just stay in the background, computing and safekeeping numerical records. Their task has already evolved. CFOs do not only work on quantities; they also assure your company's quality.

If you find the importance of CFO consulting very vague, here are a few explanations about their duties. First, it is the CFO's task to record your company's financial history. Your capital investment, loans, and investments from stockholders and owners are all enumerated so you can monitor your progress. This financial history is very crucial in making major stakeholder decisions.

Second, the CFO helps your company make sound investment decisions. He studies your current products and sales, and tells you which you should continue producing and selling. The CFO may also give you product redevelopment tips so that your low-selling products do not go to waste. Do not think the CFO is interfering with your company's operations. The decision is still your call; the CFO only gives you advice based on sales records.

Third, the most important task of the CFO is economic forecasting. This refers to the constant study of socio-political events, relating these to consumer decisions. The CFO prevents your company from launching new products and expanding at the wrong time. Moreover, the CFO finds ways for your company to cope during periods of market crisis.

Fourth, the CFO helps your company meet its loan agreements. He gives advice on which banking institutions are easy to negotiate with. Additionally, the CFO reminds you of installment deadline and offers solutions on how your company can come up with the payment. The CFO identifies assets that can be liquefied so you can prevent paying interest fees.

Fifth, the CFO monitors your company's taxation and payroll. He sees to it that you meet the laws of the state, and that you do not procrastinate when paying for your taxes. Regarding payroll, he makes sure that your employees receive their compensation punctually, and that your company meets the standards of the employment law.

Finally, CFO consulting includes employee and productivity evaluation. He studies your employees and their work, and proceeds to come up with low-cost but more profit workflow procedures. Your company will surely perform better if you hire a CFO.

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