Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 Financial Apps for Android

ByHarry Pinkman

There are many apps available to android users to help manage their finances. When looking for a specific app that will help in keeping track of finances, it is important to know what kind of app that will benefit you the most. If you are looking for something along the lines of a checkbook like app or more of a budgeting app; there is great diversity in what is available.

There is also great variance as far as how detailed or complicated that some apps can be. For more tech savvy people there are more in depth apps that provide additional information. Alternately there are more simple, not as detail oriented apps that will allow a relatively newer person to enjoy and derive value out the app. Here is a short list of some of the more tech heavy app available in the financial realm of the Android Market.

Budget Aids

1. For those that are looking for a more budget oriented app, look no further than the EasyMoney by Handy Apps. This is an all inclusive app with features such as income tracker as well as customizable categories for both income and expenses. In addition it also has a rather interesting feature that allows you to spend money in one currency while tracking it in your native currency. This can come in handy for any international travelers or business workers that work overseas.

Account Consolidation

2. In the case of those that want to consolidate several accounts into easily managed information, Pageonce Pro is helpful. While it can be cumbersome to set up initially, it responds quickly to updates in your accounts. The interface is very user friendly which makes up for the initial difficulty of setting it up. Outside of just the finance realm, this app can also track flights, Amazon purchases and many other things that you might use.

Loan Calculator

3. Is for people who want to customize loan payments and payoffs with relative ease. Debt Snowball by Double E gives you the ability to calculate early payoffs as well as what kind of loan is most easily affordable for your particular budget. This can be particularly useful when you are planning to make a purchase and want some foreknowledge of what length and payment you would like on the loan.

As is apparent, there are a great many different options available to be used when seeking aid with personal finances through Androids App Market. The three that are listed above are for more detail oriented circumstances that may require closer attention however the payoff is well worth the extra effort. It is important to keep in mind that although these apps are useful none of them cover all aspects of the financial world.

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